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Why do we need a domain and hosting?

In order to answer the question of why hosting and domain are needed, it is first necessary to figure out what these services are.


Hosting is the disk space for the physical placement of your site on the server. Your site consists of files: images, text files with code, scripts, etc. this is your website, hosting service is providing you with a place where you can put these files and the server will provide access to them, that is, to the website, for all Internet users.

A company providing hosting services is called a hosting provider.

A server is a computer that has a permanent high-speed connection to the Internet to provide round-the-clock access to your site. When ordering a hosting service, the hosting provider allocates a portion of the disk space on its server, in terms of volume corresponding to your tariff plan. In this directory (password-protected, login) will be located your resource.

The main types of hosting: paid and free hosting

Free hosting

Free hosting – on the background of one single advantage – free of charge , has a number of disadvantages, including:

  • advertising on your site hosting provider;
  • lack of quality assurance;
  • slow speed;
  • limited features, such as lack of PHP, Mysql; (95% of modern sites use PHP and Mysql, without them the site is limited in the possibilities of implementing the functionality).
  • the hosting provider assigns your resource a third-level domain name belonging to it, and when you change hosting, you will have to change the name, and this will entail a loss of audience

For better services, we recommend using paid hosting , especially if you are a commercial company.

Who is suitable for free hosting

If you have a goal to lay out 2-3 pages with general information and without subsequent modifications of the resource, that is, without making changes, then free hosting will suit you, the rest need paid hosting.

What are free hosting providers

A list of free hosting services you can view on this reference

Paid hosting

Paid hosting is something that a business needs in its pure form and today, it is important to have a reliable partner on whom you do not have to spend time solving problems or settling bureaucratic procedures. 

Why you ask? 

It’s simple, the monthly cost of hosting is not great, unless of course you have a website with 10,000 visits per day, if you divide this monthly cost by the number of working hours, the cost per hour is around 10 – 15 rubles. 
The solution of the problem usually takes up to half an hour of communication, sometimes even more if communication with the hosting provider via mail or a ticket system, while the cost of your hour is exactly several times more than 15 rubles, that is, on the side of the hoster 15 rubles is the robot hour, cars, and man-hour comes to 5000 rubles.

Spending your time solving problems you increase the indirect cost of your hosting in the form of your time-consuming costs of 100-500%, depending on the problem and the speed of the solution. 

On a free hosting similar problems can be solved for weeks. 

Therefore, the more reliable and competent your hosting partner, the cheaper hosting for you.

What determines the cost of hosting tariff plan:

  • from the maximum number of sites;
  • on the amount of disk space;
  • from supporting various kinds of functions;
  • on the quality of services provided.

There are the following types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting is the most affordable option, ideal for small and medium-sized resources;
  • Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS) is part of the disk space on the remote server. VPS has a standalone operating system and fixed resources;
  • Dedicated server – this service assumes that the entire server is transferred at your disposal. You can install the OS, software, and customize to suit your needs and tasks. Dedicated server is ideal for large projects with increased requirements;

How do I choose the right hosting

You can call our company at , we will be happy to help you with the procedure for assessing your resource and selecting the appropriate tariff plan – the service is free.

If you yourself decide to choose a hosting service, 
in this case we can advise you to a partner, one of the market leaders.

We can also help you with setting up an account and charging a tariff plan – the service is free.

Domain – domain name of the site

We all remember the expression: “As the yacht is called, so it will float.” This phrase applies to the choice of domain for the resource. Successfully selected domain name plays an important role in the promotion of the project.

So, what is a domain is the name of your resource by which users find it. First-level domains (.net. Com .ru) reflect the site’s belonging to the state, network, or commercial structure. Second-level domains reflect the name of the resource.

How to register a domain name?

You can call our company at, we will be happy to help you with the procedure of registering and selecting a domain name, the assistance service for registering a domain name and selecting is free. Payment only the cost of registering a domain

If you yourself decide to register a domain name, 
in this case we can advise you a reliable registrar, one of the market leaders

How to choose a domain name?

Choosing a domain name for a site is not easy. Domain must display the name of the company (brand), activity. The domain name should be easily perceived by ear, memorized and associated with your brand or your company. First of all, it is necessary to choose a domain zone – the intended target audience should serve as a guide. If the resource is aimed at residents of the Russian Federation, then the ru zone should be given preference, and if the citizens of Ukraine are ua. Commercial resources and projects without belonging to any region can be registered in the zones org, net, info, com.

A domain name can consist of numbers (0-9), letters (az) and a hyphen (-), the name must not exceed 57 characters.

The domain name should be short and easy to remember.

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