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The best hosting for a startup

Which hosting is better to choose?

This issue sooner or later asks every startup. In each case, the answer will have to look for yourself – to assess the advantages and disadvantages, to estimate the risks, and also to consider the budget. To simplify this process as much as possible and to systematize the types of hosting, this article will help you with their features.

The best hosting for a startup

The best hosting and its hard choice

Website Builder

Approximate check: 10-50 dollars per month.

This is the most tempting and easiest option for a startup. The provider has already taken care of everything, you don’t even need a programmer. Just go, create your own page from the templates, then click “save” and that’s it. Your page is visible to the planet – you can work.

This format is just perfect for landing pages, business cards, as well as single-page resources with the simplest logic. If your web resource should be multipage, have full-fledged logic in the form of user registration and product catalog, as well as other additional services, then the site builder is not your option. Better look for other types of hosting.

Shared hosting

Approximate check: 2-30 dollars per month.

The cheapest option is to place a web resource on php. Virtual hosting in Ukraine is a physically large iron server, where isolated environments have been created for the work of hundreds of hosting clients. You get access to the admin panel and login with a password to access FTP. You post your own code – and it works.

At the same time, hosting experts make sure that you do not have any problems with hardware, a database, a web server, or an operating system. Your area of ​​responsibility is code only. This means that you cannot actually change anything in the server settings. This option is perfect for web resources on standard engines, small online stores and blogs.

True, there are two cases where this type of hosting can bring big problems.

  • When the web resource begins to increase attendance. In this case, either everything starts to slow down, or the hosting provider threatens to transfer you from the tariff plan for a symbolic $ 2 to a tangible $ 50-100, and if you don’t pay – even turn it off.
  • When you need a new functionality. Suppose you put a new image processing library or use a hipster database. In the version with virtual hosting, this is simply not possible. You use only the fact that you have provided for the hoster staff.

If your Internet resource is more like Uber’s killer than a WordPress blog, then there are two alternatives: build your own portal on cloud services, or look towards virtual machines.

The best hosting for a startup

Cloud hosting

Approximate check: from 1 dollar to infinity.

Here you build your own web service from a large set of parts and cubes, quite pleasant. Here we have a web server, here is the database, here is the message queue, here is the repository for photos of cats, here is machine learning and push alerts on mobiles – and your new version of cat Tinder is completely ready.

If you figure out how these cubes work, you can quickly assemble full-fledged working solutions with a minimum of programming. Very nice bonus at the start: the payment is not for the subscriber, but for the actually consumed total amount of resources.

For example, by the number of queries to the database, the volume of files in the repository, the number of notifications sent. That is, the payment for hosting here starts from scratch and increases in proportion to the increase in load. This allows a startup to scale its own IT infrastructure for a long time, gradually increasing the total cost of the selected hosting.

The disadvantages of cloud services stem from their strengths.

  • You are limited to the functionality laid by the creators of the services. Of course, a sufficiently large functionality gives a lot of opportunities, but a little tweaking it for yourself, alas, will not work. The following rule works: use as is, or rewrite from scratch.
  • As resource consumption increases, the price of a cloud service can become extremely high. Yes, this type of hosting allows you to start at $ 10. For a prototype product, or launching a startup with the first customers – great. True, if the project takes off, there is a risk of paying in proportion to $ 10,000 for several thousand of its clients. And here it is necessary to carefully calculate the economy.

True, even if the hosting costs were calculated in advance, you may still need to move out of the cloud hosting. The reasons may be local and general market.

It is important to take into account that you simply cannot move from the cloud. Have to be long and expensive to program. This is also an option, it must be calculated in advance in order to understand the price of risk.

Cloud services are perfect for quickly creating a prototype, as a full-fledged backend of mobile applications and other such services. It is also convenient to check ideas for a startup by means of them. When a little more control over hosting is needed, then full-fledged machines can be used.

The best hosting for a startup

Virtual machines

They are VM, VPS Ukraine , VDS or simply “Virtualki”.

Approximate check: 5-100 dollars per month.

The hosting provider has large iron servers. Their resources are cut into special portions that look like servers from their own operating system – this is exactly what customers are renting. You get a machine with full access and the required number of resources (processor cores, RAM, disk space).

The benefits are obvious. This is a fully-fledged machine where you can install any software and customize it in any way. If there is a problem with the physical server, the hosting provider will fix everything himself. You may not even know about it.

In addition, the size of the machine can be increased as needed. For example, start with the option for $ 5, and then take the required additional volume by clicking the “Expand” button, paying for it. Even here it is quite possible to start a number of machines and divide the load and roles between them.

There are drawbacks too. Now, it is not only possible, but necessary, to customize software and OS. In addition, you have to keep track of all local work processes.

This should be done independently, constantly and, of course, better professionally.

Virtual machines will suit the overwhelming majority of startups both at the beginning and during the period of rapid growth. The main thing that the team was an experienced admin. All startups should be advised to immediately divide the web resource into parts and use a number of machines instead of one large one. This will help you grow in the future.

At a time when hosting costs are a few hundred dollars, you can think about switching to dedicated servers. It is to think, sit down, count, estimate the options, and not immediately move to the fire mode when customers suffer.

The best hosting for a startup

Rent dedicated server

Approximate check: 50-500 dollars per month.

This is a dedicated server rental. You can choose almost any hardware configuration, any OS and get a very powerful machine. Either raise your own virtualization system and cut the required number of virtual locks.

The trick is that renting a physical server on average is three to five times cheaper than renting a virtual machine of the same capacity. Or, in other words, for the same funds you can get three to five times more resources.

The truth is there is a big drawback – now, under your responsibility, not just the OS, but also the iron. If one of the hard drives burns, the hosting provider will replace it for free on a call. If you have correctly configured the server, you noticed in time that the hard disk has burned down, the web resource will not even fall.

True, if the server itself burns down completely, your web resource will not be available until the hosting provider prepares a replacement. There is a high probability that the service will even have to be lifted from the backup. It also takes time, it may not work at all if you are not prepared for this.

In order to avoid problems, you will need to have at least one backup server, and also to have an employee, how to make this server work when the main machine crashes. Both are worth the money, and the savings when switching to your own hardware may no longer be obvious.

Rented dedicated servers are well suited for large projects with a consumption of a couple of thousand dollars.

The best hosting for a startup

Acquisition of own iron

Approximate cost: 2000-10000 dollars per server one-time.

Iron can not even rent, and purchase. Enough working option when you really need to master a few million, that is, to turn operating (or monthly) expenses into capital (or one-time). At the same time, you are sure that:

  • You will use the purchased iron for longer than the period for which it will fight you in comparison with the lease.
  • You will have enough power for the entire estimated period.

In addition to one-time costs, there are no more advantages compared to renting.

And there are enough flaws. If something on the server burns down, then this is your problem. In the best case, the server manufacturer will simply send a replacement. If the total power of the iron is not enough, you buy new servers (if you get a whole zoo from a number of generations of machines) or sell the current hardware on the Web and acquire a new one.

It is also necessary to remember that every couple of years the server becomes more powerful several times (Moore’s law is still working), while the cost remains comparable. If you rent a server for several years, you can at one moment simply refuse the server and simply take a new one, for the same money, but much more powerful. If the server is yours, it will be impossible to do so.


  • If you need to create a landing page, a one-page website will be convenient to use site builder. Yes, there is no place easier.
  • If the web resource is simple, written in php, then virtual hosting can be used. It is cheap and cheerful.
  • For a service with great functionality, you can try the best cloud hosting (if you like, and know how to use it) or virtual machines.
  • If the check for services is high enough and you want to somehow save money, you can look at renting a dedicated server.

Choosing any hosting option, do not forget to calculate at what point the restrictions for your service will become critical, as well as estimate all the options that can be done with this.

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