How to choose a hosting for your projects

In this article we will look at how to choose a hosting for your projects. Hosting – comes from the English word “host”, which literally means “host”, but in this case the “host of the place” is more suitable for placing files on your site. Hosting can be paid and free. With paid hosting, everything is pretty clear and understandable, you pay for disk space to host your site files, as well as additional services provided by web hosting. But on a free hosting, free of charge is compensated by advertising on the pages of your site. And you do not choose what your ad will be placed. We will talk about the pros and cons, paid and free hosting in my next posts, and now we will return to the main topic of this post.

In my practice, I use only paid hosting, I have had three of them all the time, but I gave preference to  Ayhor Hosting . Each hosting has its pros and cons and it is not only the cost of their services, although it is of great importance.

When I decided to start an online business and began to study web programming, I thought about choosing a hosting for hosting my first projects. Of course, at that time I understood little of this and trusted the recommendations of well-known Internet entrepreneurs, registering my first domain on AGAVA hosting. In general, I was pleased with the work of this hosting, well-organized support, user-friendly interface, the only thing that confused me was the cost of services, and since I didn’t have a lot of free money, I was forced to look for cheaper hosting, so I got JINO hosting.

The principal difference of JINO hosting is the absence of tariff plans, you choose only those services that you need and to the extent necessary for you, replenish your account with funds and can start to work. Every day a certain amount equal to the amount of the services you have chosen will be debited from your account. What is undoubtedly very convenient, firstly, you do not need to pay for services for the whole month at once, i.e. You can repeatedly replenish your account within a month, and secondly, you save on services that you will never use. For example, why should you pay for the possibility of hosting up to 20 sites, with a capacity of 2 GB, when you have only one site.

On Ayhor Hosting I got accidentally buying a script when you purchase this script was to use a bonus, get 3 months of free hosting and a domain name for free, and what I took for his next project. Having worked for Ayhor Hosting for three months for free, I realized that this hosting suits me in all respects. The best prices for registration of domain names, favorable tariff plans. Yes, there is no differentiated approach to calculating the cost of services like at JINO, but their tariff plans compete fiercely at cost. More than a year has passed since I use the services of this hosting and my confidence in its reliability and professionalism has only been strengthened during this time.

When I was preparing this material for publication, I got to one site where an independent rating of hosting companies is conducted. I was interested to know how the work of the above hosts is evaluated. And that’s what I saw:

How to choose a hosting – hosting rating

A total of 230 companies hosting service providers participate in the rating and I was pleased to know that the hosting that I chose is in 11th place. In my opinion – this is a good result.

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