Many, planning to place their site on the Web, face the problem of choice: virtual or VPS hosting? At the same time, next to the VPS abbreviation, the word “server” often appears, which is commonly used in the phrase “physical server”, meaning the equipment itself. .Masterhost specialists offer you to understand the terms virtual and VPS hosting in order to understand what their key differences are and, if necessary, make a choice in favor of the technology that suits you.

First , it is worth noting that the VPS is a virtual private server, that is, a personal virtual server, which in part has the advantages of a physical one.

Comparing the offers of hosting providers, it is easy to see that the prices for VPS turn out to be slightly higher than the cost of virtual hosting. What is the reason? First of all, with the amount of resources offered – VPS offers more opportunities for professional support of sites. In addition, all VPS resources are guaranteed – they are not shared among other users of the same server, since in fact you rent the server yourself, not only physical, but virtual.

In the case of virtual hosting, the situation is the opposite – your resources are shared by all the provider’s clients that it has hosted on the same server with you, which inevitably imposes certain restrictions, although it will cost you less.

The second important difference between VPS and virtual hosting is its functionality: if on a virtual hosting you can manage your sites using a special Control Panel offered by the selected hosting provider, the VPS will allow you to install software on your virtual server that you really enjoy working with.

In fact, shared hosting is an economical solution to ensure the smooth operation of sites with a relatively small audience and server load. It is ideal for novice Internet projects and users, and the technical support service of the hosting provider will help to solve the issues and problems arising during site management.

VPS or personal virtual server is optimal for larger projects and data volumes for which high computational power and reliability are important. By purchasing VPS hosting, the user has at his disposal a full-fledged virtual machine, which he can control remotely, customizing it to fit his needs and requirements.

.masterhost offers its customers VPS hosting of an international level due to the successful implementation of Hyper-V virtualization technology from Microsoft. Each of the 5 tariffs includes dedicated IP addresses , which can also be ordered additionally, DNS support and editing capabilities, unlimited traffic and other undeniable benefits, which can be viewed on the company’s website or online store .

If you make a choice in favor of virtual hosting, you are waiting for the tariffs of the “All Inclusive” line without restrictions on key parameters, “Easy Start” for only 89 rubles per month and classic tariffs for Unix, which provide more powerful support for Internet projects .

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