How to create your website from scratch – 10 best free site builders

Do you need to create a website for business or just a personal website, but you do not own the basics of layout, HTML, CSS and programming? It does not matter – we recommend that you familiarize yourself with modern website designers.

With the help of site designers, it is possible to create several web pages with a ready-made design option, select the desired color scheme, and make full customization. To do this, you do not need to have certain skills and technical knowledge – any user who can move a computer mouse will cope with this.

Do not confuse website designers with CMS (Content Management Systems). CMS is designed for the development of large projects, serious portals with original design, structure, unique blocks.

The constructor’s functionality cannot cope with these tasks, but it is convenient to use it to create simpler resources, such as landing pages, business cards, online stores with a small amount of content.

The whole process of creating and editing pages takes place online. Website development in a web-studio will be incomparably more expensive, since any corrections, improvements and improvements will require additional payment.

In the case of using site designers, you yourself make all these improvements with the help of a special visual and drop editor.

Accordingly, you don’t pay anyone else for anything, except for the premium version, which opens up more elaborate templates and functions, although you can create a decent website with a basic toolbox. This review discusses the most convenient and easy to use free site builders .


You, probably, quite often see advertizing of this service on YouTube. Wix is ​​one of the best and most common website builders in the world. It is convenient to make sites, business cards, portfolios and landing pages, also suitable for commercial and blogger activities. The service will become an assistant for both novice developers and professionals.


  • a wide variety of existing templates;
  • the ability to use your template;
  • easy editing of web pages;
  • the possibility of selling copyright photographs, audio files, video;
  • Russified interface allows you to easily use the necessary functions.


  • The free version of Wix borders the download speed of the site. Complex elements, such as video files, sometimes take a long time to load;
  • Some functions are not active. To activate them, you need to additionally install applications;
  • Simple, but at the same time difficult to learn editor. The toolkit offers many features that take time to get used to.


About 500 templates allow you to create an attractive business card site, landing page and a small online store. Half an hour of clicks with the mouse — the product is ready. Service cost calculator and SEO customization will allow you to effectively promote your site. Each user is given 2 weeks of free demo version of the designer.


  • Rich toolkit;
  • Simple interface management and quick setup;
  • Helps to promote a resource thanks to the improved speed of loading of web pages, the useful helps, the integrated counter of statistics.


  • Minor flaws in the functional component;
  • The block-structured pages created by Ukit look alike.


Weebly – elder among designers. Probably, many have heard about it, since this service has existed and has been actively developing since 2007. The free tool helps to create websites of various types: business cards, online stores, online blogs.

It’s easy to use – the templates are developed by professionals, the pleasant interface and the functional Drag and Drop editor will satisfy almost every web developer.


  • Quality templates;
  • Ability to customize templates;
  • The presence of the editor HTML and CSS.


  • Total 100 templates available;
  • Creating online stores is possible only with the purchase of a paid rate;
  • When selling goods in the online store – 3 percent commission.


The first designer who appeared in Russia. This service assumes development in the most different directions: shops, blogs, portals, forums, business cards, one-page.

Especially popular with non-profit institutions: schools, universities, hospitals. Unlimited ability to change the code in HTML / CSS allows you to modify the design as you like.


  • Reliability – uCoz trust since 2005;
  • A wide selection of templates;
  • Without a surcharge, you often get extra disk space;
  • Operational technical support.


  • A large number of advertising;
  • The ability to get a lock without a valid reason;
  • Complicated interface for novice developers.


A free designer of German origin with a base of more than 15 million sites created using Jimdo. If you do not want to delve into the technical processes of site development, use Jimdo. Some functional flaws are leveled by the simplicity of the user interface.

First of all, the product is aimed at ekommerts, so for the development of an online store it is recommended to use this service.


  • Simple interface;
  • Unlimited “slider” in the interface settings;
  • Lack of annoying ads;
  • It is possible to conduct SEO-customization of web pages.


  • About 20 templates, which limits your ideas;
  • Online stores – only at a paid rate;
  • Weak free-version features.


A powerful service that is convenient to use to create large stores with an impressive amount of information. Webasyst does not limit users in the number of categories and products, provides a whole package of functions. The interface, although interesting, is comfortable for experienced webmasters to work with, but for beginners it is difficult to get used to it. You can add many applications and plug-ins (more than 400) to make the site “by itself”.

For this purpose, you can also take advantage of the integration of external services, change the code data, take the ready-made template as a basis and improve it.

By the way, free templates are about 10 pieces, the rest are 2, 3 and more thousand rubles. If you need a complex project and have experience with similar online services, use Webasyst, but newbies are encouraged to look for other options.


  • A large set of applications and plugins;
  • Responsive tech support;
  • The level of high-end CMS.


  • Complex interface suitable for not every web developer;
  • Most useful plugins need to be bought;
  • A small number of free templates.


An easy-to-learn constructor is intended mostly for creating pages of start-up business projects: a portfolio, business cards, and landing pages. For successful development, you only need the desire to get a quality product, since the interface is mastered in half an hour.


  • No need to buy additional disk space – it is free;
  • No advertising banners that interfere with the developer;
  • You can bind the site to your domain;
  • The basic functions that represent most of the toolkit are free;
  • 100 rubles on the starting account.


  • You can not insert the code, banner;
  • There is no function to create a forum yet.


In more than 10 years, about 22 million sites have been created with the help of a Czech designer, which indicates its popularity and reliability.

Newcomers to web development are not afraid to use Webnode because of its simplicity and quality. The package of free templates allows you to choose the design of the site under the theme, target audience and other criteria of a particular project.


  • About 250 free-templates;
  • Drag & Drop;
  • Mobile version for free;
  • You can change the CSS code.


  • The average level of functionality;
  • No additional plug-ins and applications.


The most important factor is high-quality ekmerts functional. Yukraft suitable for the development of business cards, portfolios, blogs and Internet sites for business. The design editor can be customized as desired thanks to a decent set of tools.

Integrated logo designer. You can lead a project with several people together thanks to the function of adding other users to the product development. SEO capabilities, for convenience, search engine optimization brought in a separate section.


  • Templates are regularly updated, old ones are either deleted or reissued;
  • The ability to team work;
  • You can develop free sites on your domain;
  • Trial period – 2 weeks.


  • Some ready-made templates;
  • Expensive: from 670 to 2600 rubles per month.


It is beneficial to use for the development of one-page and unpretentious projects, since all pages of the site will need to be added manually, one by one.

Thanks to the attention of the developers of Tilda to fonts, you can qualitatively arrange text blocks of pages. Standard templates most often consist of a blog, contacts, hedings, which unifies all the products created on Tilda. However, you can customize the design yourself, add your own fonts, blocks, colors and so on.


  • Zero Black allows you to create your own sections;
  • Integrated CRM;
  • Fast customization due to the convenience of tools.


  • Complicated development of multipage resources;
  • Entry level blog;
  • High cost: from 750 to 1250 rubles per month.


Each of the presented services is good in its own way, so when choosing a designer you should not look only at the position in the rating. First you need to decide on the purpose of creating the site, its subject, and then – to beat on the strengths of the designers.

For example, Tilda will do an excellent job with single-page landings, but for multipage resources it’s more profitable to choose another site development service: Wix, uCoz and others.

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