How to use node js hosting

How to choose a suitable hosting for Node.js projects? What is needed for this? How can one not be mistaken?

All this you can learn by reading this article.

Node js hosting for apps

Your needs will determine what hosting in Ukraine you need for Node.js applications. Below you can see a small list of the most optimal solutions to deploy your own application there and then make it publicly available.

To begin, let’s consider simple options, and after that – more complex, but at the same time having much more serious capabilities.

The simplest solution is a local tunnel.

Even if you are behind NAT, or your computer is assigned a dynamic IP address, you can deploy your own application on it, as well as serve user requests to it using a local tunnel.

This solution is optimal for quick testing organization, to make a product demonstration, or to give an application to an extremely small group of users.

For the organization of the so-called local tunnels there is an excellent service called ngrok. It is currently available for most different platforms.

Using ngrok, it is enough just to execute a command like ngrok PORT and the specified port will be accessible from the Network. In this case, if you use the free version of the service, then the address in the domain you will have

If you make a full paid subscription, you can use your own domain names, as well as increase the security of the solution. After all, using ngrok, you open access to your own personal computer of the entire Network.

Another popular tool for organizing local tunnels is localtunnel.

Deployment environments that do not require special configuration.


Glitch is an interactive platform and a special environment for the rapid creation of programs that enables them to be deployed in subdomains.

This site does not yet support its own domains. There are certain limitations when working with it, but it is excellent for working on prototype programs. The design of the Glitch is quite funny and pleasing to the eye.

However, this is not some very limited and toy environment. Here you can work with CDN and Node.js, a secure storage for confidential data, as well as the possibility of instant data exchange with GitHub.

Glitch is engaged in the same firm that stands behind FogBugz and Trello. This platform can be easily used to demonstrate a variety of applications.


Codepen is a great platform around which an interesting community has formed. Here you can create projects that include many different files, as well as deploy them using your domain.

Serverless platforms

Serverless platforms make it possible to publish programs and at the same time not to think about servers, their configuration and management.

The paradigm of serverless computation is that programs are published as functions that react to calls to a final network point. This approach to the deployment of programs is also called FAAS (function as a service, Functions As A Service).

Among the most popular solutions worth highlighting:

  • Serverless framework.
  • Standard Library.

The projects described above provide the developer with a certain level of abstraction, which allows publishing programs at different FAAS sites, for example, on Google Cloud, Amazon AWS Lambda, and also on Microsoft Azure.

PAAS solutions

PAAS (Platform As A Service, Platform As A Service) are platforms that take care of a number of things that, under standard conditions, the developer who deploys the application should take care.

Zeit Now

Zeit is quite an interesting tool for deploying various programs. Deployment, when using this site, comes down to inputting a command such as now in the terminal.

Today you can also find a free version of Zeit. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that there are certain limitations in working with it. There is also a more powerful, paid version of this site.

Using Zeit, you may not think that your program requires a server. You simply unfold it, and everything else is under the jurisdiction of the described site.

Microsoft Azure

Azure – a cloud platform from the famous corporation Microsoft. There is a special section in its official documents, which is devoted to the Node.js applications.


Developers of the site called Nanobox, which is used to deploy Node.js applications, call it PAAS V2.


Heroku is a great place to host Node.js apps.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is another great environment for deploying Node.js applications.

VPS Hosting

Currently, you can find quite a few sites that offer VPS Ukraine services to their customers . All these platforms have one common feature – the developer gets his order a virtual server, installs a specific operating system (Windows or Linux) on his own, and also deploys all necessary programs.

Among the sites that provide VPS services, which are very numerous today, it is important to choose the most suitable one. After all, today the web lacks not just reliable companies, but even the most real scammers, for whom customers are just gullible victims of their machinations.

A good VPS always has adequate and round-the-clock technical support with professional and polite experts. In addition, all the technical parameters of such a hosting should also be on top.

Simple server

Another suitable hosting option is renting or buying a server. With further installation of the Linux operating system and other software on it. After connecting the server to the Internet, it will be possible to host various Node.js applications on it.

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