VPS hosting is cheap: is the game worth the candle?

I decided to write this short article after I noticed how many users are trying to find VPS hosting as cheap as possible.

They build and monitor a wide variety of directories that are virtually useless for ordinary users, with the exception of their main creators, to find the cheapest deal.

And this in the case of a new webmaster is a very big mistake. After all, it underestimates the possibilities of hosting, or overestimates the benefits of a very cheap VPS server.

VPS hosting is cheap and its features

What is VPS?

At first it is important to understand what a VPS is and why it may be needed.

VPS Ukraine  is a service for providing a client with a virtual server for its Internet site. This service is required for:

  • Hosting sites, in particular web portals, requiring the installation of various specific applications.
  • Placement of special programs that require a specific operating system or very fine tuning of the web server.
  • Ensuring personal security measures, the organization of a private network, the specific configuration of the firewall, the construction of VPN tunnels.

All the above steps you can easily perform at any time, since you will have root access.

Programmatically, your virtual server can practically be no different from a full-featured dedicated server, with the exception of special restrictions, which, alas, are imposed by the virtualization technology used. And this is an extremely important nuance when choosing a normal virtual server.

Virtualization technologies

Currently, hosting providers, as a rule, offer VPS clients two types of virtualization. Namely OpenVZ and KVM.

It is worth noting that each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the OpenVZ technology is often disliked, since quite a few hosters use a large oversell on their nodes, since such virtualization allows them to be resold many times, and both RAM and CPU.

As a result, companies that want to earn the most, with a minimum of expenses, begin to fill the nodes with too many subscribers, forgetting that their customers will still grow gradually. Approaching in time to a real 100% consumption of total resources.

However, it cannot be said that the hardware type of KVM virtualization is also not without flaws that allow you to resell resources many times, although it is possible to resell many times only CPU, RAM is allocated guaranteed and hard. Which significantly reduces the possibility of oversell.

About the disadvantages

What is the key disadvantage of modern cheap VPS servers? First of all, it is a repository. Basically, shared storage such as NetApp is implemented to reduce the total number of units and servers serving the entire infrastructure. If it is implemented on SSD drives, then this is not the worst option.

But the performance of such a decision depends on a number of factors. The project may contain a lot of “bottlenecks”, so resources may not be evenly utilized.

As a result, additional latency occurs. At the same time, it gives the hoster the opportunity to utilize the CPU with the highest oversell.

As a result, the allocated vCPU users have nothing in common with the normal vCPU performance that a user receives when hosting a VPS not in the cloud, but on a separate bare-metal server.

That is, you do not need a cheap VPS in Europe unless you need root access for fine tuning of applications and scripts, specific operating systems, or building VPN tunnels.

Behavioral factors

In addition, this option you do not need, even if all of the above you need. What is the reason?

Search engines rank web resources by behavioral factors that are affected by, in particular, the speed of web page generation.

Behavioral factors determine the overall behavior of your site visitor, how far it goes, how many pages of the third and second level it visits, how long it lingers on a separate page, or, maybe, tired of waiting, or considering the work of an Internet project for it too inconvenient – it just goes away .

In particular, they appear in the most peak moments of attendance, since visitors to an Internet resource, and accordingly, all the load created by them, is unevenly distributed throughout the day.

Also, we should not forget about attendance spikes due to some events and holidays, when the number of requests for which your Internet resource is relevant is increasing.

Danger for beginners

VPS hosting , of course, has evolved quite strongly over the past few years, but cheap VPS still do not have sufficient resources for the normal processing of such attendance peaks. Especially if you run a free and not optimized CMS with a large number of different modules.

There is still a big problem when a user installs CMS WordPress on his virtual server, and with it a lot of modules. And then going to this installation, it causes 100% load of its own VPS and, as a result, under certain actions with the web resource error timeout.

And this is absolutely not normal. And it’s definitely not the user who lacked some resources, but the hoster selling these VPS servers to new users is to blame for this .

The latter, because of their inexperience, experience problems, losing any enthusiasm for further work. After all, not all knowledgeable and correct will initially want to engage in complex optimization.

Such peak loads on the hosting are usually leveled, since the processor is very powerful and these peaks occur at different times only if the hoster does not set a special limit in the form of processor minutes that a user can consume, or limits on the duration of a particular process. And on a cheap VPS server with a small amount of resources, this will definitely be noticeable.

And when your web resource “grows up” and starts to make a profit on a cheap VPS, the hoster will certainly say that you would have more resources, and such a VPS hosting will cost more expensive.


For beginners, they immediately break off their great enthusiasm, and if hosting sites like these grow to a specific scale from the cradle, then on cheap VPS they are expected to die quickly. After all, the user will simply not be aware of why attendance has increased to a certain limit and is no longer growing.

And the reason is the so-called behavioral factors, when peak attendance is cut due to a shortage of resources and the resource begins to rank slightly lower, thus reducing the influx of new users to the web project from the search. And so constantly.

As a result, the user will never be interested in paying more, because he has the impression that all the money earned is simply taken away by the hoster.

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