What is cheap VPS capable of?

Since ancient times, people have tried to find a product or service at a lower price than in other places. Sometimes it was possible, sometimes not.

Often it was possible to come across real scammers who lure unsuspecting customers with incredibly good deals and ultra-low prices.

Therefore, it is very important to stay in a sober mind and properly evaluate such proposals, to understand that no one will work at a loss, and free cheese, as you know, is only in a mousetrap.

Why choose cheap VPS


There is a demand for cheap services in any sphere, in particular, among hosting offers. Interest in them is constantly growing, although many customers have repeatedly convinced that, where there is no monetary interest, the overall quality suffers.

Among such offers you can easily find cheap VPS hosting. Unlike shared hosting, this option is more attractive for advanced users and site owners.

What is VPS?

VPS hosting is a service when a so-called virtual server with sufficiently large privileges is provided to the client. It emulates the operation of a real physical server – there is root access, you can install your own operating systems and various programs.

On a single physical server, as a rule, several fully independent virtual servers operate.

By its principle of operation, VPS hosting is not much different from a real dedicated server. It does not have limits on the number of hosted web resources, databases, domain zones, and its owner can work with various files and perform any operations, like on a real server.

Each virtual server has its own IP address, which is not shared with anyone else.

Why choose cheap VPS

Finding a really good and cheap virtual server is very difficult.

Despite this, sometimes miracles do happen and providers agree to some important concessions. Recently, it was possible to notice a reduction in tariffs for hosting services, as in this industry competition is constantly growing, and regular technical innovations significantly reduce the cost of maintaining provider equipment.

Comparing cheap VPS hosting with completely free, you can see the obvious advantages of the first:

  • The presence of a second-level domain name, and, consequently, the possibility of promoting a web resource in the top search results.
  • Untouchability of allocated resources under the contract.
  • The absence of any foreign advertising banners on the site of the client hosting provider.
  • Guaranteed work of technical specialists and the opportunity to seek their professional help in the event of: various breakdowns of a web project, suspicions of unauthorized access, or incorrect functioning of installed programs.

Cheap VPS is popular where the site owner only tries his own strength, or some unique project is launched with a yet unknown impact.

The owner of the website in the course of successful work often plans to increase the information volumes and add various paid services from the hosting. Thus, farsighted hosters increase their profitability and customer base.

About resellers

Often, the search for cheaper hosting is hampered by the so-called language barrier, since advantageous and interesting offers come from abroad.

To solve this problem, so-called resellers are used. Who are they? These are special companies that are engaged in the resale of hosting services, which advocate a small surcharge as an intermediary, a link.

Previously, they greatly increased the price of hosting, but lately, in this industry, fierce competition has significantly reduced rates, and foreign hosting companies began to hire personal official representatives, not wanting to lose their profit.

Nevertheless, the chance to save may well turn into problems related to the overall quality: security threats, interruptions in access, lack of resources and a variety of minor problems and difficulties.

Should one take such a risk for the sake of a rather small monetary gain, everyone must decide for himself.

About choosing a virtual server by directories

It should also be noted that the search for suitable hosting in special directories is inappropriate. Everyone knows that hosting directories earn affiliate programs. Therefore, they will rank higher not for the highest quality hosting provider, but for the one who pays them the most from partner transfers from one transition.

This is rather unfair, sad and not always. However, it is true. Everywhere there is business.

Directories, like Google, are far from simple philanthropists. And those that are much more objective – can only be counted on the fingers of one hand. Finding them is a great success.

However, even if you still find more or less reliable services, they will not give you the opportunity to fully appreciate the following factors:

  • Various hidden restrictions, which, of course, all offers have. As well as the presence of so-called “bottlenecks”, in which even a synthetic test performed at different times of the day may not show an exact result, due to unrealistic testing of the load (when a certain parameter rises uncorrelatedly relative to another, in the correlated version the neck, which will not give the opportunity to reach the peak achieved on the basis of the synthetic test).
  • The degree of support hoster.
  • Actual workload and server performance, overselling level. Overselling hosting is a resale of already sold server resources, such as CPU time, RAM, and disk space. We can say that this is almost a fraud.
  • Connectivity to your visitors.

Criterias of choice

In this connection, it’s necessary to choose a virtual server that is suitable and most optimal for you not according to the catalog, but according to the following very important criteria:

  • Good channels between VPS Ukraine and site visitors, connectivity, sufficient connectivity capacity to ensure traffic generation to the audience during peak hours.
  • Not too loaded storage. It is necessary to find out what type of drives, what are the special restrictions.
  • Supporting latest instructions processors, subject to adequate pricing. The overall performance can be different at times, only due to the support of instructions, where the cores of the older processor, at the same frequency, the operation was performed eight times slower, but the price for them was higher than for newer cores.


Summing up the text described above, we can say that in order to choose a really normal and high-quality cheap virtual server, you need to look very carefully.

The so-called hosting directories will not help here, so you only have to rely on yourself.

When choosing a cheap virtual server, it is important to pay attention to various factors that will determine your convenience of working with such a hosting provider.

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