Privacy policy

Privacy policy for satellite users:

We recognize the importance of privacy of your personal information, so you need to know what information the website receives as long as you access satellite services. We strongly safeguard all forms of personal information about our visitors and that information is very confidential and has never been sold to any party.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Every website like satellite news always stores cookies or page information that is opened by visitors, so that it knows how many pages are read by visitors in one visit. But our website does not store personal profile data, because it is very sensitive. (If you use the comments column, make sure you only use initial names and email usage is not mandatory, this is to avoid other parties misusing your profile data).

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons on advertisements

Some advertisers such as google adsense usually use cookies and web beacons just to display ads that are relevant to your interests that are identified based on your penchant for reading certain topics such as “technology” so ads that are relevant to them tend to be more displayed, or if you are more read news articles “property” then the advertisements that appear will be adjusted to the theme of the article you are reading.

Use of the Comment Column

We provide space for readers to comment on a news article, but we hope you use the comments column wisely. We will make sure each comment goes through a moderation process first, because we forbid users from posting pitched comments to corner or demean other parties, we will only load comments that comply with applicable laws in Indonesia.

In the comment column you can use real names or initial names, but to avoid abuse by irresponsible parties, you should use initial names. You don’t have to fill in the email column. Even without using an email address, you can still participate in the comments column.

By reading the policy above, we consider that you understand about satellite policy. We always maintain the confidentiality of information on our website users and will never be traded to any party.